Best AntiVirus for 2022

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With the lockdowns ultimately setting in after eating away precious years of our lives, we are finally returning to our treasured pre-pandemic lifestyles.

Getting back to family holidays, even an ordinary weekend restaurant dinner, Business trips, and shared workspaces feel refreshing.

Well, there might not be any network in the Timberland, or over the cliffs, but almost everywhere otherwise, we opt for places with a Wi-Fi access.

These restaurants or hotels, even the high-end ones scarcely ever have the resources and will to get a dedicated IT team to secure their connections. And with increased digitization of every aspect of our lives, how long can we restrict ourselves to secured digital connections?

Norton Antivirus or anti-malware software product, developed and distributed by Norton LifeLock since 1991 as part of its Norton family of Digital Security products. It uses signatures and heuristic programs to identify viruses, Malwares, and Trojans. Other inclusive features are spam filtering and phishing protection. Norton Secure VPN provides corporate-standard safety features like 256-bit AES encryption, a no-logs policy, a kill switch, and secure protocols, to give you round the clock protection, also helping you secure the other devices connected on your network.

Why You Should Trust Us"Trust, once breached makes a cut deeper than a blade."

Comprehensibly, a doctor who isn’t trusted by her patient would never be able to cure her. But, you can still count on the the years of experience of the doctor and the testimonials from other patients to make your first leap of faith.

Our team extensively researched, tested, and compared all of the most popular
antiviruses on the market to determine which ones are the best, not just better than the rest. We also regularly conduct multiple tests all of our top antiviruses and security products, and update our lists and reviews to make sure that you are recommended only gold.

We have put years of experience in testing and reviewing security software, and we take pride in providing trustworthy and transparent reviews that can genuinely help our audience find the right antivirus for their needs and budget.

Pocket Friendly Solutions

We can’t really haggle our ways into getting a deal with these Digital Security Product Companies.

  • There are several reasons why that's not a real option:
    Companies justify premium charges in the name of exclusive features offered to you.
  • Most of us pay directly after the completion of the trial periods
  • We don’t really know what is a competitive price for our product
  • We never get reliable coupons, from of bonhomie websites

Throughout the research phase, we realized that several of the security packages that were gliding in the name of exotic features were actually highly over priced.

With the expertise of our team, going through almost every reliable name on the market, we understand very well regarding the requirements of the computers, networks, and the genuine prices at which the products should be offered.

Most antivirus companies offer significant discounts, but unfortunately, they’re not visible while visiting the websites directly. Some subscription prices may drop as low as 50% on the base prices, as the dynamics of selecting the best antivirus solutions and their demands keeps fluctuating.

Also, we partner with these companies through affiliate programs, and save your time and money by providing direct links to subscribe these antiviruses, and security products at steal-away prices.

Which among is Best

for up to 2 editors 
and 3 projects
  • Web protections.
  • System optimizer
  • VPN (200 MB/daily).
  • Parental controls.
  • Password manager.
  • Webcam protection.
  • Ransomware protection.
Norton Total Security
for up to 2 editors 
and 3 projects
  • Secure firewall.
  • Password manager
  • Webcam protection.
  • VPN (with unlimited data).
  • Dark web monitoring.
  • Cloud storage.
  • Ransomware protection.
For Mac
for up to 2 editors 
and 3 projects
  • Real-time malware protection.
  • Mac optimization and cleaning tools.
  • Advanced Mac backup options.
  • Network security options.
  • Parental controls.

Our team tested 40 antivirus software providers, and these were the ones that stood out. 3 Best Antivirus Software [2022]: Windows, Android, iOS & Mac

The Best Antivirus Software At A Glance.!

Real-time Threat ProtectionSmart FirewallSecure VPNDark Web MonitoringPassword ManagerSafeCam