How to Resolve Norton Installation Error

Having errors like Norton Installation Error and Norton Setup Error depends on some basic reasons. In this blog, we will discuss some of the reasons. Norton Antivirus Support is one of the best antivirus programs in 2023. It has a proven record of excellent malware detection rates and offers one of the best real-time protection. Norton 360 is also the most diverse and feature-rich device security software in the market. Even though, Norton Installation Error and Norton Setup Error are rare if your device is properly updated and no other security software is already installed into your device. The error codes that you will see can be Norton Error 8504 or Norton Error 3048-3. However, these errors don’t tell you the reason behind the error.

Here are some of the most affected products due to Norton Installation Error and Norton Setup Error:

Fix the Norton Configuration and Norton Setup File.
  • Install the Norton Autofix Tool on your device and run it.
  • The Norton Autofix tool automatically detects the problem and fixes the Norton Installation Error that you might be facing.
  • Once the Norton Autofix tool has been run on your device., restart your device and try the installation again.
  • Try the other processes mentioned below if the Norton Setup Error persists.
Here we will use the Norton Removal Tool.
  • The Norton Removal Tool uninstalls all Norton software that came after 2003 (Make sure that you have the backup of the software before you run the Norton Removal Tool).
  • First, you have to download the Norton Removal tool and save it to your Windows Desktop.
  • Once downloaded, double-click on the application to launch it.
  • Follow the easy instructions on your screen and complete the execution of the program.
  • After the successful running of the program, restart your device to make the changes complete.
  • Install the Norton product again and check if it works fine.
  • If the Norton Installation Error or Norton Setup Error persists, try the process mentioned below.
Norton Antivirus Technical support number

If the problem persists, there are good chances that you have another security software product running in the background on your device.

  • Check for the presence of any third-party security software present in your device.
  • Uninstall the third-party security program from your device.
  • Once the third-party program has been removed from your device, try installing the Norton Software.
Fix problems opening Norton device security product for Mac

If you face the Norton Installation Error or Norton Setup Error on your Mac, the process to get it resolved is the same as Windows. However, in process 2, you have to use the RemoveNortonMacFiles software.

  • Download the RemoveNortonMacFiles file on your device.
  • Find the downloaded file on your device using the Finder icon
  • Once you found the RemoveNortonMacFiles folder, click on the file and open it with Terminal.
  • Note: To run this tool, you will have to log in using your administrator’s login and password.
  • Here, when you feed in the password, no characters will appear.
  • In the next step, feed 1 to remove all Norton files from your device. Otherwise, feed 2 if you want to return without removing any Norton files.
  • Once the RemoveNortonMacFiles tool completes removing the Norton product files. type y in the Terminal window followed by pressing return to restart your pc.

If your issue has yet not been resolved, feel free to connect with Norton Customer Support +1-877-787-9301 and ask for help regarding your Norton Setup Error. Norton Technical Support can be reached 24*7 to get all your technical problems resolved. The technical expert might also take your device on remote access to run a couple of files on your behalf to resolve your Norton Installation Error.