Norton 360 Antivirus Installation

Norton digital protection package has excellent malware detection rates (100 Percent compared to 99% of McAfee as per some AV Tests), great real-time protection, and is undoubtedly the best antivirus software with the most diverse features offered at a reasonable cost.

You can proceed with Norton Antivirus Installation in a few easy steps mentioned in this article.

Norton 360 Installation

Norton Installation can fulfill your collective device security needs as the Norton 360 Antivirus is available for all your online and offline computer devices.

The easily navigable interface offered by Norton is a blessing for not-so-tech-savvy domestic consumers with security needs.

Here is how you can proceed with downloading and Norton 360 Installation
(Microsoft OS):

Step 1: The first step will be to sign in to your Norton account and download Norton 360 Antivirus for PC from My Norton Portal (click Get it from Microsoft and follow the prompts to install from the Microsoft store).

Step 2: After completion of the downloading, run the installer from your browser, press (Ctrl + J) key to open the Downloads window in your browser, and double-click the file that you downloaded.

Step 3: The user Account Control window pops up.

Step 4: Complete the required steps and proceed with the installation.

Norton 360 Installation and Sign-up

A payment method is required at the time of signing up for the trial (credit/debit card or PayPal only). When the trial ends, the paid subscription starts and the charges for the first term are deducted, unless canceled before. Subscription automatically renews each month or each year after the initial term, unless the subscription renewal is canceled before the day you are due to be charged.

Get 7 day free trial period with Norton 360 Installation (as good as premium) to satisfy yourself with the quality of Norton 360 Antivirus you are being offered at such a considerable cost.

Norton Digital security solutions have an established domestic customer base of millions of trusted users globally.

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