Norton trojan remover

Norton digital protection package has excellent malware detection rates (100 Percent compared to 99% of McAfee as per some AV Tests), great real-time protection, and is undoubtedly the best antivirus software with the most diverse features offered at a reasonable cost.

Norton 360 antivirus is the best Antivirus protection software available in 2022. You can count on decades of experience and an established track record of millions of trusted users globally.

Norton Trojan Remover

Norton Trojan Remover comes with the name of Norton Power Eraser tool. The only problem you might face with the utility of this tool so far is its compatibility, i.e., it is compatible only with computers running on Microsoft Windows operating systems. Versions compatible with WinPE, Mac OS X, Android devices, and iOS devices have so far not been released.

However, the good news is that Norton Power Eraser is a free tool for virus removal which can be downloaded and executed to check and remove malware and threats from your windows computer. You even do not need to install this tool.

Free virus and malware removal tool for Windows

Follow the below steps for Free virus and malware removal tool for Windows (Norton Trojan Remover):

Step 1: Depending upon your windows version and computer configuration (64-bit Windows/ 32 bit Windows), proceed with the further steps.

Step 2: Download the version compatible with your PC

Step 3: Open the Downloads window from your browser, and double-click the
NPE.exe file

Step 4: Click Yes or Continue as it appears on your screen if the User Account
Control window prompts.

Step 5: Read the license agreement carefully and proceed by clicking Agree.

Step 6: Select Full System Scan, and click Run Now in the Norton Power Eraser window. (The Norton Power Eraser checks for and automatically downloads the newer versions, if available).

Step 7: After a successful scan, you will see a prompt to restart the computer. Click Restart.

We recommend you to install Norton 360 Antivirus for round the clock security needs; The best Antivirus available in 2022 to fulfill all premium privacy and security needs.

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