Resolve Norton Product Key Error

Resolve Norton Security Scan Error, Norton Product Key Error

A lot of times, situations occur when your device encounters and prompts an error while launching a function of Norton. Many-a-times, you can easily resolve such errors by yourself, however, sometimes you might need technical help or guidance from a Norton expert to get your error resolved. But before that, you need to understand the reason why the Norton Product Key Error and Norton Setup Error happen in the first place. Like Norton, every security software has some advantages and disadvantages, and some of these errors are common in all of them. Some of the errors that you encounter with Norton are guiding you with the right approach. This article will discuss the reasons behind the Norton Product Key Error and Norton Security Scan Error and how we can resolve the issues. Even though these errors are mostly faced by people in their earlier versions of Windows, some people are facing errors in windows 10 and windows 11 as well.

Let us learn to resolve Norton Security Scan Error and Norton Product Key Error

Are you getting an error message, “License Key Error: You have disabled your service for this device”? Usually, you face this error message when the product key of the Norton program installed on your device has expired. This disabling has been caused by your Norton Account or Norton Subscription database, perhaps to allow the use of the installation on another device. Don’t worry, as promised, we will tell you how Norton Product Key Error can be fixed. So, if you face a Licence Key error, you can simply download and install the Norton application with an active subscription.

The first step to downloading the Norton application will start with logging into your Norton Account from the latest upgraded web browser. So, if you have not signed in to your account already, you need to feed in your account credentials and log into Norton’s account. (In case, you are trying Norton for the first time, you need to create your account before proceeding with the downloading). Once you have logged into your account, click on Download Norton on the Get Started page. If you are trying to install a new Norton product that is not already registered with your Norton account, you need to select the product and enter the new product key. After feeding in the product key, click on “>”, followed by abiding by the simple on-screen instructions to proceed with the activation of the product. After the above process, you need to click on Agree & Download. Once you have downloaded the file, you need to find the file in the downloads section of your browser or your device. Double-click on the downloaded file to run the file. Once the User Account Control window appears, click on Continue to proceed. You are almost done, just follow the simple on-screen instructions to get your Norton product installed and activated. Once the installation has been completed, restart your device to make the changes permanent. We hope that your Norton Antivirus Setup Error has been fixed by following the mentioned steps.


Now, let us see Norton Security Scan Error

Did you notice a Norton Antivirus error prompting ‘Norton product needed to close’? First of all, you will have to launch the LiveUpdate program from your Norton Account. Below, we mention a few steps that can be taken to take to resolve the Norton Security Scan Error. Below, we mention a few steps that can be taken to take to resolve the Norton Security Scan Error.
Open the My Norton window on your Norton Account. Click on the Open icon situated just beside the Device Security icon. After this, you need to go back to the Norton Error Screen of the Norton Program; open LiveUpdate by double-clicking on it. Now, you need to wait for a while until LiveUpdate finishes upgrading the Norton Antivirus for your device. Once the LiveUpdate finishes operation, save all the programs on your device and restart your device to confirm the changes. All these steps must have been able to resolve your Norton Security Scan Error. Check if it is working well by clicking on the Norton Security scan. However, if it is still not working properly, you need to open Norton’s official website and install the most recent virus definitions from the Norton repository. When downloaded, the file is saved in your downloads with a .PKG extepknsion.
Open your downloads folder and run the .PKG file. This must have been able to resolve your Norton Security Scan Error, as now, you are guarded against even the most recent malware signatures available in the Norton’s online databases. If you could not resolve your Norton Product Key Error or Norton Security Scan Error, please feel free to reach out to Norton 24*7 Technical Support.

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